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Alpha Omega Energy
Job Title : Roofing Laborer for Solar Installs
Location : Phnom Penh
Vacancy Type : Other
Education : All levels
Introduction :

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Job Requirement :
  •  Education or work experience consistent to have ability to conduct these operations in full without further training.
  •  Completely Honest and hardworking 

Additional Desirable Skills:

  •  Can speak English in an English working environment
  •  Hold a Diploma/Bachelor Degree in fields consistent with Electrician or safety or roofing or construction or architecture though not required and ability, mindset, attitude and values and beliefs are more important.
  •  Can install home and office full electrical wiring and systems, work with small generators, test and conduct the highest safety standards
  •  Knowledge of electrical application for high and low voltage electric system
  •  Skill in the installation, repair and maintenance of all types of electrical system equipment and components
  •  Have overcome adversity in life while staying an honorable values based person that denounces corruption in all of its forms and refuses to accept it’s path but to champion for honorable life instead.

Personal Character Requirements:

  •  Completely honest in every respect and compassionate towards others and their challenges
  •  Has a strong belief system rooted in honorable life and completely against all forms of corruption.
  •  Will stand up against others who are corrupt in any fashion and not follow that.
  •  Will try their best to defend others who are being abused or wrongly treated and inform the appropriate persons
  •  Will not lie in any form for financial gain even if face challenge due to it
  •  Respects others and respects women and their rights and will always treat others how you want you and your loved ones to be treated and never take advantage of others.
  •  Must be a team contributor and think about the best interests of the company and team above just himself
  •  Must have a mind to think above only just himself and his family and think also about others and believe that society is as important as family and that without good society and strong values against corruption in society.
Job Duties :
  •  Has minimum 6 months training, education, or experience in high safety or high risk occupations
  •  Has impeccable safety record with references
  •  Has very strong attitude towards all aspects of roofing work safety processes, procedures, and requirements
  •  Has a strong personality that can demand and hold to account those who will not follow proper safety instructions and procedures and who will never compromise or cut any corners on safety
  •  Will be comfortable to learn how to use roofing cranes and then be able to safely haul all roofing tools, equipment, and solar panels onto roofs, following most professional safety standards possible.
  •  Make sure that the safety requirements and demands of the team are followed by yourself and others and make sure they follow all safety standards completely
  •  Can learn quickly and become familiar with roofing materials and how to make sure that roofs are sealed properly
  •  Can become familiar with roofing designs and loading and can ensure that no dangers will be caused to co-workers or self when navigating work on roofs of buildings
  •  Can learn and study how to check building roof loading with the permits office or construction companies
  •  Can adjust to the weight use and demands of solar installations quickly if have not done so before
  •  Can learn quickly the Basic knowledge of electrical safety or able to learn quickly as solar electricity can kill if safety requirements are not met even one single time.
  •  Full maturity and wisdom and understanding that one mistake in safety or one cut corner can instantly mean death and someone else’s life or disability and severe injury
  •  Confidence in his ability and personal code to sign personal responsibility liability for his actions
  •  Can learn how to install solar equipment completely to a quality standard
  •  Can learn fast and follow the work requirement and sequence of repairs and/or installations
  •  Can complete work on time and without excuses


  •  Working hour: 9am – 6pm
  •  Working Day: Monday – Saturday
  •  Team outing once a month on saturday
  •  Staff lunch 2x a month with training
  •  Group Training weekly
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Contact Detail :
Name : Alpha Omega Energy
Mobile : 093 97 23 98
Tel :
Fax :
Email : jobsaomegaenergy@gmail.com
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Web Site :


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