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Alpha Omega Energy
Job Title : Investment Sales Representative
Location : Phnom Penh
Vacancy Type : Sales / Marketing
Education : All levels
Introduction :

We are the #1 New Energy Solutions Provider, positioned to help our clients achieve their ambitions in today's world. Save hundreds to Thousands of Dollars every month beginning Today with our World Leading Energy Solutions and Engineering, Only by Alpha Omega Energy!

Job Requirement :
  •  Working and selling in English contacting investors and firms in international markets in an English Speaking Environment
  •  Investment representatives are responsible for conducting the sales of investment products and services. Investment representatives offer advice and representation of the company's products and offerings.
  •  They will give descriptions of the offerings to clients, working off targeted lists and helping to develop these markets.
  •  They may also prepare various reports and correspondence, maintain files and databases and verify financial data. 
  • Responsibilities include providing suggestions to clients and to management. 
  •  Investment representatives also provide administrative support in the offices, performing work such as organizing records, opening and distributing mail and making phone calls to many prospective investors.
  •  Investment representatives will become fearless outgoing marketers and earn the rewards that come with sales careers
  • Working in organized manner keeping track on a spreadsheet their work and results as they go, and reporting it to the team and managers.


  •  Working hour: 9am – 6pm
  •  Working Day: Monday – Saturday
  •  Team outing once a month on saturday
  •  Staff lunch 2x a month with training
  •  Group Training weekly
Job Duties :
  •  Strong command of the English language as applicants will be making constant contacts to the USA and other Global markets.
  •  Investment representatives must possess excellent oral sales skills, good follow up ability. Great sales skills, and be fast learners that can adapt to a situation.
  •  Positive people person attitude.
  • Strong written skills with strong attention to detail
  •  The ability to multi-task. 
  •  They can study quickly information about the company's offerings so they can convey them to the clients.
  •  We prefer applicants with a sales and or financial industry background or who would love to have a job in inside sales. 
  •  Degrees are not needed, only strong sales skill and mentality for success. Do you have what it takes to be a great performer and earn the rewards?
  •  Some formal qualifications are generally not hard-line required as ability, mindset, attitude, mentality and values and beliefs are more important than formal qualifications and status.
  •  Have overcome adversity in life while staying an honorable values based person that denounces corruption in all of its forms and refuses to accept it’s path but to champion for honorable life instead.
  • Personal Character Requirements:
  •  Completely honest in every respect and compassionate towards others and their challenges
  •  Has a strong belief system rooted in honorable life and completely against all forms of corruption
  •  Will stand up against others who are corrupt in any fashion and not follow that
  •  Will try their best to defend others who are being abused or wrongly treated and inform the appropriate persons
  •  Will not lie in any form for financial gain even if face challenge due to it
  •  Respects others and respects women and their rights and will always treat others how you want you and your loved ones to be treated and never take advantage of others.
  •  Must be a team contributor and think about the best interests of the company and team above just himself
  •  Care for charity and the less fortunate
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Name : Alpha Omega Energy
Mobile : 093 97 23 98
Tel :
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Email : jobsaomegaenergy@gmail.com
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